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About ARC

From the moment I started rigging things it was my goal to create a node-based rigging system. So after a couple of years of development here it is!

Advanced Rig Constructor is a modular rigging system. It allows for a fast and elastic rig construction. Modules are designed to adapt to a different situations and requirements. User can create Rig Templates that allows to quickly reconstruct previously saved rig and adjust it on a different model.

ARC graph is interactively saved in rig, so there is no need for extra files to work with. Graph is saved every time that user makes a change using ARC. Rigs are using a mel expression that handles optimization, IK/FK matching and Space Switching. Gui and node editor was created using Python and PySide.

ARC: O nas


  • Supported Maya Versions 2014 - 2017

  • Customizable per-module Features & Settings

  • Faster workflow by Saving & Reusing rig Templates

  • Cleanup & Optimize rigs before publishing

  • Build & Setup All functions

  • Nondestructively Add or Remove Module Features on existing rigs

  • Interactive Graph Saving (no extra files needed)

  • Mirror Module Guides

  • Normalized & Clean Hierarchy and Naming Convention

  • System Documentation


  • Reset Skin Cluster Tool

  • Copy Skin Clusters Toolset

  • Create Soft Mod Setup

  • Create Matrix Constraint

  • Add Type Sufixes (renaming)

  • Extract Human IK Skeleton

  • Set default Control Values

  • Control Shape Library & Editing Tools

  • Mirror Set Driven Keys (face rigging)

  • Cleanup Rig (optimization before publishing)


  • IK / FK Matching

  • Space Switching

  • Customized Shelf & Marking Menu

  • Parallel & GPU evaluation support

  • Motion Capture Support

  • Scalable Rigs

  • Stretchy modules with Volume Control

  • Soft IK

  • Bendy Limbs

  • Secondary & Pivot Controls

  • Geometry Collisions for Simple Muscles

  • Forward & Reverse Spine for IK and FK

  • Reset & Mirror Control Values Tools

  • Selection & Module Visibility Tools

  • Corrective Joints

ARC: Services

Module Types

ARC: Headliner
ARC: Services


Build Features:

  • None

Setup Features:

  • Predefined Modules - Tell the script which module is recognized as, for example, Left Arm or a Neck. This is used by Shelf, Marking Menu and MoCap Baker.

This module build rigs Root Control, entire rig hierarchy, display layers and a script node which is used to handle rig expression. Character module also contains a joint hierarchy which is used to connect Motion Capture to a rig. This module is always built in the middle of a scene and can not be placed using guides.

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